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Happy birthday Derrick, made me realise how lucky I am to still have my old man around.

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My father passed 5 years ago, also, Derrick.

Very difficult relationship all my life, but I was there with him at the end, as were all his children, which meant the world to him. Lots and lots of turbulent water under the bridge.

I think of him constantly and wish I could have been a better daughter, but hopefully we can work that out when I see him next. lol.

I was 64 when he passed and you know what flashed through my mind out of nowhere?

"I'll never have a chance to make dad proud of me". !!

I was not aware how deep that feeling was all my life.

Thank you for sharing that letter.

By the way, since you mentioned half-way house, my father was sober almost 47 years when he passed. Went to meetings right up to his death. It was the greatest gift in his life.

I am so happy to hear you are coming to Cambridge! I just watched Steve Kirsch. I am so proud of those students. I will be there!

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Your father would be so proud of you.

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There will always be that little boy inside you that yearns for love and approval from his father. I’m glad that you acknowledge it instead of living in bitterness. I’m 50 and had an absent father too. Even though he is gone the little boy wishes he wasn’t and hopes.

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So lovely Derrick, forgiving and gentle💜

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Happy birthday Derrick.

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Happy birthday! My father was also my best friend as adult, not all get to know their parents in other role as father and mother. I feel for you. All the best. Greetings from Finland.

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Touching, transparent and transformational!

I would imagine the song "Daddy" by Coldplay touches you too and maybe brings a tear 😢 of both sadness and joy. 😊

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You are so lucky to be able to draw these feelings into words. Or is it directed effort?

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