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The lovely Brenda was too kind when she said the the pro-fluoride activists, many of whom are closely affiliated with the American Dental Association (ADA), "sculpted" the NASEM and Health Canada reports. Those organizational reports are beyond misleading. They are fraudulent.

EPA, CDC, and governmental agencies in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are complicit in poisoning people and planet for profit.

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Thanks, Brenda and Derrick for shedding some light on this important topic. I know Brenda said that water filters don't work as well as you'd hope but I still think some tips on how to limit your fluoride intake would not go astray!

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If fluoride was perfectly safe and effective, as the poison pushers have repeatedly claimed, why are the compounds used in fluoridation not supported with a Medical Product's Licence? Even when derived from air pollution scrubbers the fluoride is not purified to Pharmaceutical Standards - so still contains other neurotoxins, as well as heavy metals, such as arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, lead and mercury. The only safe level for neurotoxins is ZERO.

Using the water supply as a unique method of delivering "medication" inevitably denies people their Right of Consent. A moments thought should enable anyone with some common sense to realise that an accurate dose cannot be administered in this manner. Some people drink over 10 times as much as others. The appropriate dose should take into account the persons needs, age, sex, weight, health, potential effects etc. The level set for water fails to take into account the amount a person imbibes from other sources. Tea and coffee, which have a high, natural fluoride content, could mean that a person already receives the supposed optimum “dose” of this cumulative poison, even without more being added to the drinking water. Only 5% of the world population is subjected to this measure and the majority of them saw the fluoride concentration level slashed by at least 30%, to 0.7ppm, in 2015.

Resultant cases of dental fluorosis, the first visible sign of chronic, fluoride poisoning, show that it does more harm than good. Dentists are only trained on teeth, so would not be qualified to even consider other adverse effects, such as reduction in IQ levels, hip fractures, thyroid problems etc. Such failures to respect basic, medical safeguards show that they have failed in their Duty of Care and are therefore Unfit for Office. Such contamination of water renders it UNfit for Purpose; were it not deemed a product it would be illegal and the culprit(s) open to prosecution. Check the Safety Data Sheets for the fluoride compounds used; which show that they are classified as "Hazardous" and specifically warn that it "should not be swallowed."







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With regard to water filters, take a look at the Berkey water filters. With regard to the CDC it is a private legal embodiment by act of registration. It is a legal agreement to create nothing of material substance. Living beings cannot interact with legal fictions, as they have no existence in material substance in fact. In order to make progress one must address the living being acting in behalf of the corporate dead entity, nonliving thing they create as a buffer between the living and the dead registered legal fiction, which is a fraudulent deception. I know this sounds absurd, but a corporation cannot answer you much less fix anything. It is a legal fiction. You can however press your claim in the form of an affidavit addressing as a respondent a living man or woman from behind the curtain of the CDC corporate fiction. Press your claim (facts) not a complaint, they must rebut your affidavit, or file their own counterclaim with their evidence. If they (a man or woman/ because a fiction can not speak) do not counter your affidavit, than your affidavit stands as truth in Commerce. Hence you have evidence supporting your claim. The CDC is a private (fiction) corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet with a DUNS Number (CDC)-927645465

Also another thing that you can do is present a living being within the town or City Council with a lawful Notice. If you take a look at the 10 Maxims of Commerce, you will find that maxim #7 states that" A matter must be expressed to be resolved "

And #4 "Truth is expressed by means of an Affidavit " do some research, learn about the private administrative process and apply it. #6 reads " An unrebutted affidavit becomes the judgment in Commerce " learn these tools and learn to press your claims to create an obligation on their part. We must deal with man and woman of mankind by aligning with what exist in material fact and stop allowing ourselves to be lead to align with the figments of the mind. They don't exist except in our spoonfed perceptions of our reality which isn't. There is a reason why the men and woman behind the illusion of corporations use affidavits, that is because they can hold the man and woman behind the corporate illusions to account. Affidavits are not exclusive to corporate fictions, they work for the living. We were never taught how to navigate in Commerce, we were never taught to understand that everything is Commerce. Let me ask this, do they have a preexisting agreement with you to subject you to chemicals? Ask for evidence that you can read inspect and discern that authorizes [gives them your permission] them to subjugate you. The probability is that they have formed an adhesion agreement because of your silence (acquiescence) when anyone trespass against you you MUST put them on Notice. You might also want to look up contract law. There must be an agreement in place to press an obligation upon another. Find out how they have created the contract. EVERYTHING IS CONTRACTED BUSINESS. EVERYTHING! find out how they are meeting this UCC obligation. Go from there. When aligned in Commerce we are aligned with fiction, in other words Commerce is quite literally OZ, Just like the World is OZ. You don't live in the World, except in your mind, You live on the Earth. Most of our problems are a result of our alignment with beliefs in fictional entities (corporations) we have been conditioned to perceive as reality. Corporations are regulating man, wouldn't you say.The Pen is Mightier than the sword, man is not wielding the the pen, corporations are, and they creating the programming for our minds along the way. The saying 'there is a sucker born every minute', they see to that. This is the legal definition of the word World. This term sometimes denotes all persons whatsoever who may have, claim, or acquire an interest in the subject-matter; as in saying that a judgment in rem binds "all the world." Blks Law Dic pg.1440 . So does this definition describe a place you live upon? It does not, reread it closely, so why is this definition not top of mind when we Invision the world? The world is a dream state, OZ if you will. The World is a place, you can only go to in your mind. Your body can't go there, neither can your soul. In my opinion it is critical that we differentiate between when we are aligned with what is real, with substance in material fact and when we are drawn into the illusions we are intended to perceive as reality. Every corporation is a registered into figment of the mind creation we dupe ourselves into believing we as men and women are able to interact with. We can't and don't. God's creation are being lead by legal entities that have no existence in reality. I know it is a task to wrap ones head around. Corporations are dead/debt entities without life or energy of their own, yet they are regulating you men and woman. Learn how to use the pen, to obligate the matters into the public record and away from the private Bar Guild. We are encouraged to believe the game is checkers, all the while the game is chess.

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