Derrick Broze is an author, journalist, documentary filmmaker, and activist originally from Houston, now based in Mexico. In 2010, Derrick founded the activist alliance The Houston Free Thinkers, organizing protests, music festivals, community gardens, skillshares, and other community events. Derrick has been producing videos, essays, and articles since 2011, as well as co-hosting Live Free, Think Free, on 90.1 KPFT in Houston. In 2013, he founded The Conscious Resistance Network, a site dedicated to multimedia journalism that exposes corporate and governmental corruption while also highlighting solutions and exploring spirituality.

In 2015, Derrick began writing books and has released one every year since. He co-authored The Conscious Resistance Trilogy with John Vibes, authored The Holistic Self-Assessment, and his latest work, How To Opt Out of the Technocratic State. Derrick started writing and producing documentaries in 2015, including Bringing Down Jeffrey Epstein, The 5g Trojan Horse, and the 17-part series, The Pyramid of Power. Since 2013, he has spoken in the United States, Europe, and Central America.

Derrick is also the co-founder of The Freedom Cell Network, an international decentralized movement encouraging people to build local mutual aid groups with the goal of building parallel systems. As of December 2022, more than 34,000 people from dozens of countries have joined The Freedom Cell website, with thousands more using Freedom Cells on Telegram and in the real world. In January 2021, The Freedom Cell Network launched The Greater Reset Activation, a 5-day solutions focused event offering an alternative to the World Economic Forum’s vision of a “Great Reset”. The Greater Reset brings together 40 plus speakers from around the world who are focused on building a grassroots movement capable of building parallel institutions to the mainstream systems which seek to hold humanity back.

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Journalist, Co-Host of Live Free, Think Free on 90.1 Houston, Film Maker, Author, Agorist Activist, Founder of The Conscious Resistance Network, Co-Founder of The Greater Reset, I perform music as 33